31 January 2012

Lets get it on!

Drum roll.....here's the video of the fab creations we made at Crafty Angels Workshop 2011.
Such a lovely day spent together just before Christmas - seems so long ago now.

More workshops are planned for 2012, from HOW TO paint, draw, craft, THROUGH TO Painting for Relaxation, Finding (and Nurturing) your Inner Creative Self, Fairy Craft, Spring Craft Creations and loads more interesting stuff.  If you would like information on these then please fill in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL at the top or drop me an email through the link on the right. 

In the meantime I am very excited to offer our first DROP IN ART SESSION at my house on
10.30am - 12.30am
Your first visit is FREE!
This will be a regular thing and, after your first free visit, I will only charge £2 if you bring your own materials or £5 - £10 if you wish to use mine - there is no commitment to attend as you just DROP IN.  It is informal, educational, inspiring and a perfect way for anyone to try out, learn or develop art techniques and materials - it doesn't matter if you don't know one end of a pencil to the other or if you're regularly knocking out Van Goghs.  All art related questions will be answered, discussed or, if all else fails, GOOGLED - it's really that simple! I'm so looking forward to these.  By the way I live in Midhurst and make tea on demand...

SO if you are interested in coming along then please enter your email address in the
FOLLOW BY EMAIL box at the top or drop me an line through the link at the side.

Also, if you like my video then please press the LIKE button at the bottom. See you soon and Happy Creating x